The country's first 9 escape channel bus debut is expected to try the operation during the year

The new escape system will be promoted in Guangzhou bus
Smart bus a key to give you 9 channel version of the author of the information Times reporter Guo Suying correspondent Wu Yue Wu Jiaen this version of the photographic information case reported dangerous situation a key to open nine escape channel. Yesterday, the country's first equipped with a new safe escape system trolley bus in Guangzhou available. It is reported that 107 Road and 78 Road, two trolley bus lines will become a new type of intelligent bus prototype test run line, take the line of the public is expected to drink "the first taste of the soup" to experience the new bus. In the future, the new escape system will be promoted in Guangzhou bus. Simulation scene "power and prestige" green and white body looks very cool, the size of the same size and ordinary tram ... ... Yesterday, the country's first configuration of a new type of bus safety escape system trolley bus, in Guangzhou City tram company officially unveiled. It is reported that the car by the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission led the design, the Guangzhou Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau to give support, Guangzhou tram company and Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. joint development, the new bus safety escape system installed on trolleybus. Reporters on the scene to see, in addition to the front door near the front of a electronic road signs display, this new bus at first glance and ordinary bus no significant difference. But the simulation to escape the scene, it is "power and prestige." Yesterday 14:00, the reporter came to the bus, the door closed normally, passengers seated. A few minutes later, the vehicle enters the simulation of the critical situation. In a few seconds, confirm that the vehicle is in an emergency driver, immediately press the red eyebrow button next to the steering wheel, the car sounded "there is an emergency! Please order from the emergency channel evacuation" warning sound. At the same time, the left side of the four windows and the right side of the three windows, two doors at the same time open, bus suddenly seconds change "smart escape car." Bus outside, electronic signs are also quickly switch the state, showing the "SOS request alarm" red eye-catching words, to remind the nearby vehicles to avoid. The staff in 10 seconds successfully jumped from the window, successfully fled the bus. At the same time, the critical situation has also been through the red button to start the background alarm program, by the background synchronization. New bus highlights to see a key to start the emergency device driver just press the red button next to the steering wheel, you can a key emergency. Control function attributed to a key, emergency device started. Traditional bus driver to confirm the emergency situation, need to go through: press the button before and after the start of the door, notify the passengers, alarm request support and other steps. 2 escape channel up to 9 drivers through the button, while opening the whole car door and 7 up full open emergency safety window, so that the escape channel instantly reached 9. Safe emergency escape methods are: open the door, with a safety hammer smashed the window glass to escape, open the roof safe escape window escape and so on 3 kinds. 3 passengers emergency alarm press the button, the vehicle synchronization play emergency evacuation voice prompts or car lights flashing, prompting passengers to quickly evacuate. Driver verbal notice. 4 external emergency emergency, the vehicle through the horn intermittent buzzer, electronic signs to switch SOS state and open the double flash emergency lights, prompting the staff to assist, while reminding the external road vehicles to avoid. 5 Manual opening of the emergency safety window When necessary, passengers can also manually control the way to open the shift-type safety window, so that the entire window into an emergency exit for the control failure to provide the basis for the withdrawal of assurance. Specific steps: open the window next to the emergency valve cover will be inside the red valve clockwise rotation deflation to 90 degrees and then open the valve next to the zipper unlock open the glass lower open the window to escape from the window available safety hammer smashed window glass escape. 6 real-time start background alarm transmission system as long as the driver press the button, the background management center 24 hours duty room will be the first time to receive alarm information and real-time video on board to achieve synchronous emergency response. 7 full horizontal seat layout The whole car with horizontal seat layout, the interior space is more spacious, convenient event in case of rapid evacuation can be achieved. Focus Q: Is the new bus cost high? Will it be extended to all buses? Guangzhou tram company: the current bus has just developed a successful prototype, has not yet calculated costs and mass production. The R & D team is also working on how to retrofit and promote the system in existing buses. In the future, will be gradually mature in the operation to Guangzhou after all the buses. Q: When will the first new bus sit? Guangzhou tram company: the new bus prototype the next stage will be tested and verified, the test run, while the passenger operation will be carried out. The public can get a new type of bus during the year, and 107 Road and 78 Road, two trolley bus lines will become a prototype test line, take the line of the public is expected to drink "first taste soup" to experience the new smart bus.

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