Ministry of Public Security approved the fire fighters Yang Kezhang for the martyrs of the people do not heroes

June 1 Ministry of Public Security issued the Ministry of Political Affairs "on the approval of Comrade Yang Kezhang as martyrs and awarded the dedication of the defense gold medal approval"

Men parked the old man crossing the road without a horn horn

Man parked the old man crossing the road without a horn horn urging the recent

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China's stock market capitalization of the first ultra-10 trillion US dollars in the United States and the stock would like to return

Focus Media's privatization deals were the largest leveraged buyout deal for Chinese companies

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The first generation of migrant workers: 30 years into the city site never give endowment insurance

Old section does not want to increase the burden for children

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State Council Medical Reform Office Director: Drug addition must be canceled (Figure)

By adjusting the price of medical services, increase government subsidies, reduce hospital operating costs to bear

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Beijing three thousand square meters of building materials security risks were seized

Fengtai fire brigade joint area of ​​the relevant departments, territorial streets, urban management and other departments of the pre-inspection found that there are significant fire safety risks, covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters of three camp door building materials according to law to seal

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Ministry of Defense approved the United States to promote the militarization of the South China Sea: fear of the world chaos

China is highly concerned about the US military's efforts to promote militarization in the South China Sea

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Korea-US joint military exercise will be the first off-shore combat ship

For the first time this year, the United States and South Korea joint military exercise is the US Navy

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Han "Shi Yue" shipwreck accident 500 days salvage work to speed up

The Shipwreck Accident Compensation and Compensation Review Committee on May 15 for the first time examined and approved the payment of compensation for three victims

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Corrupt Li Zicheng nickname "Chuangwang" known as no dare not do things

Li Zicheng gall bladder day, bold, blatantly

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Chongqing cracked QQ group red envelopes gambling case involving 26 provinces more than 1700 ginseng gambling

Ministry of Public Security designated Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau to investigate the case

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Heilongjiang office official wife at the door to close a million dollars to be sent to the floor too much

The above four bribery cases occurred in the payment of Heilongjiang Province Suifenhe City Mayor, Fuyuan County (now Fuyuan City) county period

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Ningbo Mayor Lu Ziyue was checked by the current party and government leaders in Ningbo City are vacant

Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province, Mayor Luzi Yue

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Thieves with the key away 3 million yuan to remove the license plate and GPS

But found that cunning suspects have found a hidden position to remove the GPS positioning device

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Ecuador in the British embassy to evacuate the fourth anniversary of A Sangqi out of anger

A Sangqi mainly lives in the embassy within a room of less than 20 square meters

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Shijiazhuang continue iron fist pollution: vehicle limit line tail and Beijing and Tianjin consistent

Not completed the task of governance in 2016, can not be stable discharge standards of enterprises continue to stop production remediation

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